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     Aldamir Farm is located in Celeste, TX, just outside of Dallas.  We have 56 tree-lined picturesque acres of grass pasture, with 3 ponds. We have been breeding livestock for over 30 years.  While our origins are in the very strict and competitive horse world, our goals for our cattle breeding are a little more broad. We strive to produce quality animals with excellent temperments by studying the genetics of our breeding stock and choosing breedings very carefully to insure quality and consistency.  We also focus a lot of attention on diet, socialization and handling. We have almost 40 momma cows and 4 breeding bulls.  A few of our cattle are registered, but our focus is on breeding small, healthy animals with great dispositions at affordable prices for your average family that just want cows for AG exemption, beef or milk, or in many cases adorable pets.  We welcome visitors that just want to learn about the cattle and meet them in person, by appointment only please. We are a working cattle farm and all animals are handled regularly using proper equipment and a gentle approach to minimize stress.


     We offer Miniature Highlands, miniature High Parks, White Dexter, Miniature Herefords and cross bred Miniature cattle.  Our focus is to keep the mature height at 42" at the hip or less.  Some people ask why we have so many different types types of mini cows.  We originally started our cattle breeding program with a moderate fold of pure Scottish Highland cows and a Registered Belted Galloway bull.  The Highlands are probably still our personal favorite, but they aren't for everyone.  We live in TX and our Highlands do just fine, but we have several ponds and shade trees for them in the summer.  We also have the skill and equipment to get ahold of them should they decide to take on a cocklebur patch-lol.  It may be difficult for some to believe, but as adorable as they are, not everyone likes them.  Our goal is to have happy, healthy adorable cattle that are no more than 42" tall at 3 years of age that come in a variety of coat colors- something for everyones taste.  We also try to offer affordable cows for those that just want a few manageable cows for their homestead or ag exemption.  If you are looking for something that will be beefy enough to produce meat for your family, we likely have cattle  to suit your needs also.  

We offer livestock sales, bull service and Cooled or frozen semen.

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